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Independent Research behind Sevo Nutraceuticals PERCEPTIV ® Memory Formula being Presented at Alzheimer’s Association International Conference

PERCEPTIV™, the clinically proven cognitive health nutraceutical, is being featured within the pre-eminent global research conference on brain health taking place at the Boston Exhibition & Convention Center
now through July 18.

WORCESTER, MA – JULY 16, 2013 – Sevo Nutraceuticals, Inc. announces that the PERCEPTIV ® formula with its proven, independent clinical research is being presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) in Boston this week. This prestigious event attracts the world’s best researchers to discuss the latest developments in addressing what is becoming a global health crisis.

Two new, independent research studies behind PERCEPTIV are being presented on both July 16 and July 17 at AAIC by the lead researchers. Additionally, Sevo Nutraceuticals is exhibiting within AAIC at Dementia Care on July 17.

As the number of Americans living to 100 years old is expected to triple in the coming decades, addressing the issue of brain health is critical. PERCEPTIV can be part of the solution. The formula in PERCEPTIV is the result of over 20 years of research and seven independent clinical studies directed by the University of Massachusetts Lowell. While most products rely on individual ingredient research, only PERCEPTIV has published studies on the complete formula. Among the many brain health benefits that PERCEPTIV provides are protecting against normal cognitive decline associated with aging, improving memory and helping to increase focus and concentration.*

PERCEPTIV is available at over one hundred notable independent pharmacies and natural product resellers in the United States. Included among the company’s current base of retailers are Bertelli’s Health Mart Pharmacies in Merced County, CA, Emerson Ecologics , Funk Pharmacy in Concordia, KS, Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center in Waltham, MA, Letourneau’s Pharmacy in Andover, MA and Mackie’s GNC in greater New Orleans.

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In addition, Sevo Nutraceuticals is making the poster presented at AAIC available to anyone who would like a copy. To request a copy, please email