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The company's first product, PERCEPTIV ® is a clinically proven, cognitive health supplement available to the public without a prescription. It increases memory and recall, sharpens mental clarity and performance, boosts focus and concentration, and restores a healthy mood.  Results may be seen in as little as two weeks.  It is recommended to adults of any age, from college to retirement, who want to increase their brain function and health.

PERCEPTIV  increases production of a key neurotransmitter – acetylcholine, which is responsible for transfer of messages between synapses critical to thinking and memory.  Acetylcholine normally breaks down rapidly so the brain can quickly move on to new thoughts. But if it breaks down too fast, the message isn't transmitted. During normal aging, acetylcholine production declines. Acetylcholine is broken down before it can "complete" the thought (or there is not enough of it to begin with). PERCEPTIV  protects against normal age-related cognitive decline by improving working memory and everyday cognitive abilities. Based on numerous studies, our unique formulation slows and may even reverse the decline in production of acetylcholine, improving the function of normal adults or those experiencing cognitive decline.*

PERCEPTIV  Phase II clinical trial results were published in January 2015 in the online version of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. UMASS Lowell professor Dr. Thomas Shea and his research team completed the Phase II Clinical Trial, in which more than 100 individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, received either the PERCEPTIV  formulation or a placebo (without knowing which one they received).  After three months, those receiving PERCEPTIV  demonstrated improved cognitive performance, memory, and mood while those receiving the placebo did not improve.  Individuals on the placebo were then switched to the PERCEPTIV formulation. These and all other participants continued to improve over the course of one year, with no serious adverse events. The results, critically reviewed and approved by experts in the field, were published in the online version of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, and appeared in the Journal's print edition in March 2015.

These studies, referred to as "phase II," were funded by a grant to Dr. Shea from the Alzheimer's Association, and confirm earlier "phase I" studies, in which PERCEPTIV ® also improved memory and cognitive performance for 93 individuals with no known or suspected memory difficulties, as well as for other individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.  Copies of these peer-reviewed studies, published in scientific journals, can be accessed free of charge at http://www.thinkperceptiv.com/clinical-studies-perceptiv/.


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